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I Get Shit Done (Emoji)

I Get Shit Done (Emoji)

SKU: i-get-shit-done-emoji212610401
"I Get Shit Done" Bathroom Candle – the perfect blend of humor and functionality to lighten up your bathroom moments! This comical yet practical candle features a playful poop emoji alongside the hilarious phrase "I Get Shit Done," bringing a smile to anyone who sees it.

But it's not just about laughs! Our bathroom candle is infused with the refreshing scent of peppermint, renowned for its odor-eliminating properties. So, while you enjoy a good chuckle, this delightful peppermint aroma will work its magic to ensure your bathroom stays fresh and inviting.

Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this candle burns cleanly and evenly, filling your bathroom with a delightful peppermint fragrance. It's the perfect gift for friends, family, or even yourself – adding a touch of humor and functionality to any bathroom space.

Scent note: Peppermint
Size: 9oz Glass jar
Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend candle
80+ HR burn time
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    No returns or exchanges on this product.

  • Please Note:

     These candles are from an amazing outside company. They are not in my store nor do I have any on hand. It does take 1-3 days to process your order and then 4-5 days for shipping. Thank you so much!

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